cartoon logo by bob ostrom of bobmakeslogos.comFAQ’s

Q: How long will it take? 

A: Your schedule is important and getting your new logo in front of your customers is my top priority. I will work directly with you or your company to make sure you receive the best quality possible in the shortest amount of time. If you are in a rush just let me know and I can make special arrangements to meet your demanding schedule*.

*Please note the in some cases an emergency rush deadline may incur an additional charge.

Q: I’m kind of new to this what do I need to know to order a new logo?

A: Don’t worry, purchasing a logo with BobMakesLogos is a fun and easy process. I will help guide you through each step and make sure you have a complete understanding before any work is ever done. If you would like to read a little more about the companies I’ve worked with and how it’s all done please check out my blog.

Q: I could really use some help with the rest of my marketing. Do you provide any other services?

A: Absolutely! Creating a new logo is a great start to begin connecting with your customers but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. I can work directly with you or your marketing department to develop a strategy to help get your logo in front of your customers and working for you.

Q: How do I pay for my new logo? Do you accept PayPal?

A: I sure do. I use PayPal to create my invoices and the great thing about PayPal is that it also accepts all major credit cards. If you must pay by check I do accept business checks. (Sorry, I do not accept personal checks or other forms of online payment at this time).

Q: Will I need to copyright or trademark my new logo once it’s finished?

A: Copyright and trademarking are an important part of protecting your investment. Because I am not an attorney I can not offer specific legal advice but I am happy to recommend someone who can. If this is an area where you need help please contact me directly for more information.

Q: Help! My printer is asking me for file types I’ve never even heard of what should I do?

A: If you’re not sure what the difference is between a vector or a bitmap file don’t worry I’ve got you covered. I am happy to provide whatever file format you need and let you know where it works best. If you need me to speak directly to your vendors, no worries I work with printers and production teams all the time. I will make sure to get them the right format so your new logo looks the best it can no matter where you use it.

Q: Oh no! I lost the logo files you sent me!!! Can you send me a new copy?

A: Yes, I keep all logos on file for up to 6 months after the of the completion of our work together. I do however highly recommend that all clients make multiple copies of the finished files in case they are lost or mistakenly altered in a way that makes them unusable.

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