Cartoon Logos Wieners and Branding

Who says Branding has to be Dull? When is a cartoon logo more than just a logo? When it’s your brand. Here are a few ways I helped  local hot dog vendor Mr. and Mrs. Wiener use their logo to help not only sell hotdogs but to develop brand identity and customer loyalty. 

How is a Cartoon Logo Created

Ever wonder how an artists creates your logo. Want to find out how it's done?I invite you to join me for a rare inside view from the studio. All you need to do is click on the crab but watch out for those claws!

Designing and Wrapping a Food Truck

Mmmmm... is that pizza I smell? Everybody loves when the food trucks roll into town but there are so many choices. How does a food truck stand out from the rest? If you need to grab attention and have a little fun while you're doing it take a look at this design that was done for my good friends at Rock and Lou's Pizza!

Logo Designs

Rock and Lou's Pizza cartoon logo

animated cartoon logo of a shark

cartoon logo lobster by bob ostrom

Cartoon logo - Bobs beer


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